Essay about women's rights

Usually your gender do not determine your social and civil rights.

This story shows that sometimes, it does, in some parts of the history of my country, it does,

gender determined their rights. There are tons of different cultures in Asia, one of them called, persian culture. This culture is patriarchal. In this culture, men think they’re more valuable than women, they think they are smarter, they’re more complete, they think they.

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Photography history essay

Photography in its common meaning was discovered by a man quite late. By the 4th century BC, camera obscura came around and Aristotle had found out about it. Camera obscura is an optical device that came into use during the Renaissance. It consists of a box or a darkened room with an opening on one side projecting an image onto the facing side.

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The nature of communication

Communication is a part of all our daily lives from having a conversation with friends, ordering food from a restaurant, or even praying. However not all communication is verbal, it can be written such as a text or email or it can be the way we express ourselves with our body language.

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